Thursday, May 8, 2014

Friday, May 23 - Last Day of Kindergarten

Last Day Schedule

Students should...
  • not bring book bags  
  • bring a pre-washed white t-shirt labeled with a permanent marker for tie dying
  • remember to apply sunscreen
  • wear play clothes
8:00-8:30     Meet in classroom

8:30-9:30     MASS

9:30-9:45     Break

9:45-10:45   TALENT SHOW - If your child is interested in performing a talent alone or with another student, you should complete the interest sheet that will be sent home.

10:45-11:45  Recess/Lunch

11:45-1:45   FIELD DAY -  tie dye, bubbles, races, softball toss, etc.  Students will be organized in multi-grade teams and rotate through the activities. (Alternate activities have been planned in case of rain.)

1:45-2:00     Dismiss

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

That is a lot of kings in one classroom!

The girls are having fun making 3D objects with biodegradable packing peanuts.  Boys' turn tomorrow!

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Grandparents Day Decorations

The theme of our Grandparents Day this year is Going Green.  Centerpieces will be little trees that each student may take home when the event is over.  

Please send in a 15 ounce can  for your student 
to decorate for the pot.

Invitations, reservation forms, and permission slips will be sent home Friday, April 25th.  Please return by Tuesday, April 29.  

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Milk and Doughnuts

Everyone had the chance to bottle feed the new calf.

After our study of the American Breadbasket, it seemed appropriate to take a visit to our local dairy and bakery.  Students bottle fed a 9 day old calf, milked a cow, and learned about the daily operations of a dairy farm.

Drew tries his hand at milking a cow the old fashion way.  Kenny offered him a summer job!

When we arrived at the bakery, Roger had some cakes just about to come out of his BIG oven.  We watched a batch of cake doughnuts specially made for us fry up in his automated frier.  Then we settled down for a delicious snack of milk and doughnuts.  Yummy!

Wow!  So that's how they get the hole in the middle!

Is it snack time yet?
Thank you to Kyle VanCleave and Charlotte Holt for coming along and helping to supervise!

Here are some student reflections on the day.

I like when we got to milk the cow.  Roan

The doughnuts were the best.  The farm was fun.  Adalyn

The dairy farm smelled very bad.  Thomas

The dairy farm was stinky! I like when the baby calf licked my hand.  Drew
We made doughnuts.  We went to the dairy farm.  All of my family is going to have a doughnut.  Kayla

We like the doughnuts.  Addison

The doughnuts were the best.  Dyson

The doughnuts were the best.  Harrison

I liked the doughnuts.  They were good.  Lilie

Look Who's Moving Up to Kindergarten

Thirteen students attended Kindergarten Round-Up last week.  The students had the opportunity to check out the classroom and get to know each other.  We sang some songs, read the book Sunflower House and made a cut and paste sunflower.  It looks like we have a great year ahead of us!

Curriculum Night

Kayla, taking the opportunity to have her picture taken with her dad
Thank you to all who participated in Curriculum Night!  It was really fun to see all the projects the students had been working on throughout the whole school.  I enjoyed all the interactions with students and families.